Dry residue
We manufacture the parts in our facilities and laser cutting centers, the main objective being the optimization of raw materials to try to accomplish with the goal of dry residue.
Efficient technology
Currently, we are in a process of migrating from the illumination, used until now, to a more sustainable and lower consumption LED technology. We have also made an investment in a compressor room, in our factory in Burgos (Spain), with energy efficiency type A, eliminating the current one.
We send to recycle all materials likely to be recycled, as well as ALL generated residues, dangerous or not: water from washing parts, shavings, oils, etc.
Digitalisation and reduction of paper consumption
All our documents are digitised and stored in the Cloud. Since September 2019, we send the invoices to our national and European Union customers only by email.
Sustainable packaging
Most of our machines are packed in cardboard or wooden boxes.
Social responsibility & solidarity
We have created the PEC 130 model in pink color, in favor of the breast cancer cure. It is a mast climber designed specifically for one of our clients; a machine that we have in fact added to our catalog.