Values and history


ALBA Construction Machinery ” was born in 1957 in a small factory located in Huertas de la Villa (Bilbao, Biscay, Spain); 5 years later the team moved to Sondika (Biscay, Spain). We then choose the color blue – new for that time – as a sign of identity that will always accompany us.


With more than 22.500 m² of facilities located in Sondika (Biscay, Spain) and Miranda de Ebro (Burgos, Spain), we provide top class support, in-house engineering and leading edge technology in design and structural calculation software. We manufacture all products in our own factories, which allows us to customize our machines.


We offer a wide range of quality products: rack and pinion hoists, cutting & bending machines and light machinery. We are pioneers in the construction sector, being the first manufacturer of collective protection systems to investigate damage with dummies. But our value does not lie only in the product itself, but also in our pre-sales and after-sales service, by offering a technical assistance support if needed, in order to the start-up, use and operation of our lifts.
presencia internacional


Since 1961, we have an Export Department and a After-Sales Service created expressly for the international market, adapted to its needs. Throughout our entire trajectory, we have participated (and continue to participate) in the main international trade fairs, which allows us to learn about the trends in the sector. Our experience makes us a world-renowned company today, with a presence in 77 countries.

Our history

  1. 1957

    Alba is born in Huertas de la Villa (Bilbao, Vizcaya). The blue color is chosen as a sign of identity.
  2. 1963

    Alba moves to Sondika (Vizcaya), in order to manage greater projects.
  3. 1998

    A new company is created: Macrel. It is dedicated to a modern manufacture line: the rack and pinion hoists. Macrel becomes the first European manufacturer to pass AENOR type EC Examinations fot its rack and pinion platforms.
  4. 2000

    Macrel starts working this new line from its modern facilities in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).
  5. 2004

    Alba becomes the first manufacturer of collective protection system to research on damages with dummies and starts up the first Work Platform overload device, becoming a worldwide pioneer. Two years later, the company is renamed Alba-Macrel Group.
  6. 2020

    Alba-Macrel Group keeps innovating to addapt itself to the technological evolution in the industrial area.