Our customer Aluhak, manufacturer of tubular scaffolding and renter of lifting machinery in Norway, counts on ALBA as a reference supplier for its rental fleet.

Who is Aluhak?

This company began its activity in 1986 with a highly valued scaffolding system in the oil sector. In 2009, they changed their name to Aluhak (“alu”, made of aluminium, and “hak” is the anchoring system they use) and began to differentiate themselves with high financial support and responsiveness. Today it is called Aluhak Gruppen, a company led by the Bergman family, whose CEO is Sten Bergman (see the interview below).

Aluhak, exclusive dealer of ALBA in Norway

Throughout its professional career, and after the 2015 crisis in the Nordic country, the group decided to switch from producing and selling heavy scaffolding systems to renting construction hoists.

Currently, Aluhak has our Transport Platforms, the PT 1800 model, which is the one that best suits the Norwegian market today.

These lifting equipment allow transporting both passengers and material up to 1.800 kg at a height of 250 m, and Aluhak highlights its 3-door access and the possibility of front loading.

“We value ALBA for its ease of communication and adaptation”

We have interviewed its CEO, Sten Bergman, and this is what it he has told us:

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