The Mast Climbers are suitable for working at height quickly, easily and safely. The PEC range is the perfect solution for façade rehabilitation or closure works, being able to cover the perimeter of a building with circular, corner and zigzag configurations, with extensions of up to 2,6m.

These platforms, made of galvanized steel, present benefits in terms of safety that facilitate work in adverse weather conditions. Compared to other lifting alternatives, the PEC Work Platforms reduce installation and disassembly time, as well as labor times, which increases productivity. The electronic/electrical components and the motors of all our elevators are manufactured by leading European brands, complying with all regulations. All our work platforms comply with the 2006/42CE and EN 1495 standards. The PEC platform assumes low electrical consumption relative to its capabilities due to the use of high-efficiency gearmotors and low-weight components.

To double the working capacity, on the PEC 130 and PEC 150 models, an additional work platform (double decker) can be installed on the same mast, with an anti-collision safety system, to work at double height at the same time.


  • Up to 250 meters high.
  • Up to 37.80 meters of platform length (twin mast).
  • Maximum load capacity: 5,000 kg.
  • Masts compatible with other hoists.
  • Self-mounting system. The platform can be assembled in the same platform.
  • Possibility of incorporating an overload detection device.

Within the range of Mast Climbers, we offer 4 models:

PEC 90

All the elements of the PEC 90 have been designed looking for the greatest ease of transport and mobility. It is a model requiring reduced space when storing it.

  • Load capacity (twin mast): 2100 kg.
  • Maximum length (twin mast): 22,62 m.
  • Maximum height: 90 m (for greater heights, consult us).
  • Single phase or three-phase versions.
  • Square tube mast compatible with MC 450 material hoist and PT 450 transport platform.

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PEC 120

The PEC 120 is our best-seller in this range due to its performance and reasonable price. This model is made up of platform modules compatible with the PEC 130.

  • Capacidad de carga (bimástil): 4000 kg.
  • Longitud máxima (bimástil): 32 m.
  • Altura máxima: 120 m (consultar para mayores alturas).
  • Mástil triangular compatible con el montacargas MC 1000, la plataforma de transporte PT 1200 y el elevador para personas y materiales EPM 1000.
  • Load capacity (twin mast): 4000 kg.
  • Maximum length: 32,11 m (twin mast).
  • Maximum height: 120 m (ask us for more heights).
  • Triangle mast compatible with MC 1000 material hoist, PT 1200 and EPM 1000 passengers and material hoists, an advantage for our customers in terms of investment and stock.


PEC 130

The PEC 130 has been designed with the combined features of other models in its range in order to optimize its benefits. It provides great stability and strength, and is made up of a platform that is as long and light as the PEC 120 and of an intermediate chassis that allows reaching standard construction lengths to cover complete facades, greater load capacity and working height, as well as other functionalities.

  • Load capacity (twin mast): 4100 kg.
  • Maximum length (twin mast): 34,32 m.
  • Maximum height: 250 m (ask us for more heights).
  • Square mast compatible with PEC 150 mast climber, EDC 2000 and PT 1800 passengers and material hoists and MC 2000 material hoist.
  • Anchorings every 12 m from the first.
  • Possibility of operating the platform at double height by the same mast (double decker).


PEC 150

The PEC 150 is designed for heavy duty works. The width of the platform (1,5 m) and its powerful motors provide this model with great stability and resistance.

  • Load capacity (twin mast): 5000 kg.
  • Maximum length (twin mast): 37,80 m.
  • Maximum height: 250 m (ask us for more heights).
  • Square mast (the same than the PEC 130) compatible with other ALBA hoists.
  • Possibility of operating the platform at double height by the same mast (double decker).

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All our hoists climb different models of masts, compatible with other ALBA lifts.

Do not hesitate to tell us the characteristics of your project and we will provide you a service adapted to your work needs.