Pulling and lifting winches are used for lifting and tensioning multiple loads. Compact and lightweight, the ALBA winches have a double special safety device and are made 100% with European components.

With a capacity of up to 3,2 tonnes, they are covered with a stamped and galvanized steel casing for increased durability and protection.

32A-TP: new model with manual lever

At Alba-Macrel Group our goal is to make simple the user experience when using our equipment, always prioritizing their quality and comfort.
For this reason, the new 32A-TP model has been designed with a manual lever for easier disengagement.
This new model shares characteristics with the other winches in its range 👉 click here to see the full range of pulling winches.


What applications does a pulling and lifting winches have??

The traction winches are used for different fields: construction, Public Works, mines and quarries, electricity and communications, shipyards, navigation, transportation, railways, firefighters, agriculture, forestry, chemical and oil industry, Armed Forces, etc.

More features of our traction devices:

• No component in aluminum.
• Light and robust stamped steel casing with reinforced shaping, double zinc coated protection and carrying handle.
• Activating levers, aligned with the cable that ensure stability and improve transmission of effort.
• Protection against advance overload, by means of a safety screw.
• Grip-jaws opening system by means of claw couplers, easy to carry out due to being visible from the outside.
• Minimum safety coefficient of the cable is 6.



✅ All our pulling and lifting winches are factory tested with loads of 20% greater than their nominal capacity.