Our new TLE wood saw is the only one on the market with a 315 mm diameter currently certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification). It is a model with a renewed design with new features focused on user comfort.

Since wood cutting machines are listed in Annex IV of the machinery directive as dangerous machines, it is especially important to comply with the safety requirements and that they are therefore correctly certified. For this reason, we have taken our new diamond blade cutting machine for examination by AENOR, one of the most prestigious organizations in its sector.

The entity has checked all the safety requirements, carrying out all the necessary tests to certify that the TLE is safe. After close collaboration and months of testing, AENOR certifies that our ø 315 mm disc wood cutting table complies with everything described in the EN ISO 19085-1:2021, EN ISO 19085-10:2020, EN 60204-1 standards: 2018 and EN ISO 3744:2010, and that, therefore, can be marketed with full guarantee.

It is important to note that we have designed this new version for the ease of our customers: all the parts are compatible with the previous model. In this way, they will not have to duplicate their stock of spare parts.


In this new version, we have reinforced the entire structure of the wood saw and we have worked hand in hand with AENOR to achieve a safe machine for the user in accordance with the new standards.

The new TLE has improved stability and rigidity and it is now possible to anchor it to the ground if necessary. Likewise, the lifting holes allow the machine to be moved easily.

Regarding its use, it has a Widia saw blade with a cutting limiter with a high-resistance protector and a brake motor that stops in less than 10 s.

The machine comes standard with three devices: the cutting pusher, the wedge device and the block pusher (all of them mandatory since the publication of the new standard). In addition, it has a specific space to store the block pusher, which is fastened with a small knob/thumb so that it does not get lost. In this way, it is hidden integrated into the machine and the risk of loss is avoided.

In addition, we have made a change in the color of the legs to dark grey, following the line of our corporate image.


For this new version, we have designed an optional table extension for cutting longer wood planks, available in various sizes according to customer needs.


In our catalogue, there are the TLE 3M single-phase model and the TLE 4 three-phase model. For large worksites, where three-phase power supply (400V in Spain) is required, the use of the TLE 4 is recommended and, for smaller worksites (for example, a restoration), it is advisable to use the TLE 3M saw, to plug it into a domestic outlet (single-phase 230V).

All our machines are tested before leaving our factory to verify their correct operation and the direction of rotation.


In 1999, when the first EN 1870 standard for wood saws was published, ALBA was the first Spanish company to obtain certification for the sale of this model of saws.

In 2022, the standards of the ISO EN 19085 family that govern the manufacture of wood cutting tables came into force. Due to our commitment to the safety of our clients, we decided, once again, to take the new diamond blade cutting machine for examination by AENOR.

Today, we continue to innovate within our industry, developing new products and optimizing existing technology in order to respond to the needs of our market.