Electric hanging scaffolding

Electric hanging scaffolding

  • Combinable platforms (1, 2 and 3 m) up to 16 m in length.
  • Winches of 500 and 800 kg capacity.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Light and compact motors.
  • Possibility of overspeed for markets requiring it (USA, UK, South Africa, etc.).
  • Single-phase and three-phase versions.

The suspended access platform (swinging stage, cradle) is a light and safe solution that facilitates work at height through a modular system of interchangeable elements and accessories that gives it great versatility, so it is perfectly adapted to different work configurations, such as wide facades and great heights.

The base is made up of the aluminum platform, the electric winches and the jibs. The characteristics of aluminum provide our hanging scaffoldings with great lightness and resistance to corrosion.

All manufactured winches are subjected to a safety test, which is registered in a recording.

Electric winches

The motors support a load of up to 800 kg and have a manual brake-reducer in case of power failure. Likewise, electric hanging scaffoldings work with cables that allow activities to be carried out at great heights, complementary safety and fall arrest cables. The speed of ascent and descent is around 7,7 m/min.


We have different suspension systems, all of them with adjustable cantilever lengths and between supports of the hanging points or jibs; they have 2 attachment points.

Metal platform

The floor material of the electric hanging scaffolding platform is ribbed aluminum, which prevents the operator from slipping, and it is 2 to 3 m long. The possibility of connecting different platforms allows covering facades up to 16 m in length and even several facades, thanks to the possibility of configuring the platforms at angles from 90º to 165º.