Manual hanging scaffolding

Manual hanging scaffolding

  • The most economical solution, maintaining the same quality and safety standards.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation works.
  • Suitable for places where there is no electrical current.
  • Composed of elements that are easy to assemble, store and transport.
  • 3 models of winches.

The manual suspended scaffolding has been present at ALBA since its creation in 1957 and the millions of winches sold have served thousands of customers all over the world in an excellent way.

It is a modular system of quality interchangeable elements and accessories that gives it great versatility and safety. It is composed of a hanging platform, 2 manual winches and 2 jibs. They are CE certified products, so they are of high quality and safety.

The different ALBA winches models have up to 3 holding brakes that make the manual hanging scaffolding a very safe lifting platform for passengers.

As for the suspended platform, it is a robust and lightweight element that has an articulated joint system and that allows working in all types of applications: facades, bridges, roofs, chimneys and patios, among others.

Finally, the jibs have 2 possible anchoring systems by counterweights or through a through screws, which provides the advantage of being able to work on sloping roofs and being able to save walls on rooftops using trestles