DESA (Automatic stirrup bender)

DESA (Automatic stirrup bender)

  • High stirrup production capacity (up to 2.400 stirrups per hour).
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Up to 16 mm in diameter.
  • Intuitive programming by touch screens.
  • Wi-Fi connection in order to solve possible problems from our plant.


The DESA model is an automated machine, controlled by a programmer and that starts with steel rolls as raw material. It straights and bends to the desired stirrup shape and cuts the stirrups leaving them fully finished for assembly.

The components of our machines are made from cutting-edge alloyed steels with heat treatment and also wearing procedures on surface for a long lasting life of the machine.

The automatic stirrup benders can perform both bidirectional stirrups and bars up to 16 mm in diameter or double diameter of 12 mm from rolled rod; there is an attachment available for rings and spirals.

Our stirrups benders have electronic programming with specific control software. The rod in the decoiler gets easily into the machine by means of the thread group until the rod gets caught by the dragging group, which is a set of four rollers that convey traction to the rod. The parameter for advance speed is adjustable depending on the work to do.

Straightening system is composed of two sets placed orthogonally both mobiles and fixed rollers capable to work with one or two bars at the time. The adjustment of those rollers is easy and every diameter of rod has a mechanical memory.

Measuring is by means of encoder with a tolerance of +-1,5 mm. The machine is provided with an edged blade for a longer use.

Optional attachments::

  • Decoilers
  • Bending shapes
  • Manual stirrup collector
  • Foldable collector for straight bars


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