ALBA TELEMATICS is a remote control system, created by Alba-Macrel Group and Trackunit, that allows you to track your construction hoists at any time and from anywhere, without the need to travel to the construction site.

What advantages does this telematics system offer?


With the ALBA TELEMATICS system, you can track your construction hoists fleet at all times, being able to stop them if necessary.


In just 2 clicks, you’ll get all the data you need without having to go to the construction site. Through the geolocation system, you can generate maintenance routes, thus ensuring significant time and money savings.


Through an automatic notification system, you can generate alerts that will notify you when a hoist needs to change a part or even for preventive maintenance.

ALBA-MACREL GROUP and TRACKUNIT join forces to offer you maximum information about your construction hoists remotely without the need to visit the construction site.

Why integrate ALBA TELEMATICS into construction hoists? 

Controlling your construction hoists by managing data on their operating hours and movements, in addition to building greater confidence, will provide you with very important information for decision-making. You can even generate reports of hours worked, with the option to schedule their delivery, for example, every Monday.

When you have a fleet of hoists spread across worksites in different locations, it’s very useful to be able to trace their movements. With ALBA TELEMATICS, you can schedule a maintenance route that will allow you to save both money and time.

For us, operator safety is a priority, which is why ALBA TELEMATICS gives you the peace of mind that the equipment is being used correctly. Firstly, because you don’t have to worry about remembering to maintain the construction hoist thanks to scheduled notifications, and secondly, because this alert system notifies you in case of breakdown, even allowing remote shutdown if necessary. Remember that keeping up with maintenance checks is essential.

A tecnology made in Europe

Trackunit, present in more than 100 countries, is a Danish company with 2 million machines and tools connected through a leading operational platform that connects people, assets, and processes in construction. This revolutionary system, which allows the collection and analysis of real-time machine data to provide proactive and actionable information for data-driven forecasting, can be integrated into Alba hoists, resulting in ALBA TELEMATICS.