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hoisting construction Combo


It is becoming more and more common to see two construction hoists working at the same time on the same mast. At ALBA, we offer this lifting solution, ideal for new construction projects and great restoration works. Installing a COMBO of...
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Tubular scaffolding allows users to work safety and stably at height in construction projects, industrial projects and smaller volumes, such as restoration works of facades or home renovations. At ALBA, we offer hoisting solutions adapted to...
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Elevador de personas y materiales

Why choose an ALBA transport platform

Within the transport platforms for passengers and material, we have several ranges. One of them is the PT, made up of TRANSPORT PLATFORMS with a semi-open cabin, which is what differentiates them from the other 3 passengers and material hoists: the...
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How to maintain your masonry saw

Our wet cut masonry saws are easy-to-use electric machines, suitable for working on construction and building restoration works, guaranteeing speed, comfort, precision and cleanliness in the cutting of parts without causing deformation or material...
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