Scaffolding systems allow for safe and stable work at heights in construction projects, industrial settings, and smaller-scale jobs such as facade rehabilitation or home renovations.

At ALBA, we provide tailored lifting solutions for multidirectional scaffolding, such as the MC 250 model. This type of hoist is predominantly used in worksites where roofers and painters need to transport materials flexibly and efficiently across the scaffolding, including supplies like paint, insulation, tiles, etc.

Easy assembly and minimal maintenance

The MC 250 material hoist is the most compact in its range. It can reach heights of up to 70 m at a speed of 20 m/min. It is particularly suitable for installation inside tubular scaffolding and is compatible with all brands in the market.


The MC 250 is raised by the “flat” mast and can transport loads of up to 250 kg.


Different carriers for different uses

This material hoist can be equipped with different interchangeable carriers, depending on the type of loads to be lifted or the needs of the construction project: standard and rotating carrier allow for the transportation of goods to different levels of the multidirectional scaffolding, and the cage is used both for lifting materials within the scaffolding (such as props, for example) and for installing the structure itself, where the necessary mast sections are assembled according to the height.

By means of the rack and pinion system our material hoists climb the mast, thus overcoming all the problems derived from cable lifting equipment, and have the latest technology in terms of safety by equipping them with an overspeed parachute with auto-recovery system. The electronic / electrical components and motors are manufactured by leading European brands, complying with all regulations. In addition, all our forklifts are made of galvanized steel and comply with the 2006 / 42CE and UNE-EN 12158 standards.