Our PMH personnel and material hoist is designed to transport loads in large-scale construction projects, reaching heights of up to 350 m.

This construction hoist operates on the M650 square mast, a model specifically created for this hoist and compatible with equipment from other brands.

With a maximum load capacity of 3,200 kg, it is available in various cabin sizes and achieves a speed of 80 m/min.

Additionally, the PMH features advanced technology with remote connection for management and diagnostics.

To double its load capacity, an additional cabin can be installed on the same mast. When working with a double cabin PMH, less space is required compared to installing two separate hoists.

From bricks to tools and equipment, the PMH provides a comprehensive solution for all transportation and lifting needs on the construction site.

Nominated for “Best Product of the Year” 

This year, our PMH has been nominated for the IAPA (The International Awards for Powered Access) in the “Best Product of the Year” category. These awards are the most prestigious and respected in the access industry, and the ceremony took place on April 20, 2023, in Berlin, Germany.

Being nominated alongside three other international companies is a great honor for us. Being selected to compete for this award among industry manufacturers motivates us to continue working every day to develop new products that meet the market’s needs.

Rack & pinion hoisting

This range of rack-and-pinion hoists becomes the preferred choice for large-scale constructions due to their ability to safely and efficiently transport both passengers and material.

Their versatility and high quality make the PMH a valuable investment when renting it for work on great projects.

If you are planning a large-scale building, do not hesitate to consider rack-and-pinion hoists as a comprehensive solution for your vertical transportation needs.