What is a pulling winch?

A traction winch is used for tensioning cables in sectors such as construction, public works, electricity and communications, transportation and railways, mines and quarries, among others. Pulling winches feature a dual special safety device and are 100% manufactured with European components. Additionally, they are factory tested with loads 20% greater than their nominal capacity.

Several models according their capacity

We have 4 different models ranging from 800 kg to 3.2 tons.

They are covered with a lightweight and robust galvanized steel casing with reinforced shapes for greater durability and protection, with a carrying handle.

They have overload protection in forward movement through a safety screw and a jaw opening system for cable feeding, easy to perform as it is externally visible.

New pulling winch with third lever

The 32A-TP completes the range of pulling winches and is designed for user ergonomics, as it has a third lever. It shares the rest of the characteristics of the 32A and both are the ones with the highest capacity (3.2 tons).


Manual tools for greenhouses

Lightweight, resistant, and durable

In sunny and windy climates, it is essential to have tools for the construction and maintenance of greenhouses that are not only efficient but also lightweight and resistant. ALBA brand manual tools are designed with these specific needs in mind: our products are made with high-quality materials and offer long-term durability without compromising comfort during use.

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To tension cables

Keeping cables taut is essential for assembling greenhouses and the strength of their structure. Our products, sturdy and durable, are designed for field realities, thus capable of withstanding constant use and changing weather conditions. Thanks to their ergonomic design and precision-sharp blades, cuts will be clean and effortless.