What is a material hoist?

A material hoist, also known as a construction hoist, is a machine designed specifically for the safe and controlled vertical transport of materials on a construction site.

Designed to expedite construction processes while withstanding the harsh conditions on construction sites, these hoists consist of an open cabin that moves vertically along a mast structure, thanks to the rack and pinion system. This allows operators to easily and comfortably access different levels of the building, reducing physical effort, and enhancing safety against risks such as falls.

The load capacities range from 250 to 2.000 kg. At Alba-Macrel Group, we offer 5 models: MC 250, MC 450, MC 650, MC 1000 & MC 2000.

These hoists provide several advantages, from improved efficiency and safety to long-term cost savings.

Advantages of working with a material elevator:

  1. Efficiency and time savings: one of the greatest benefits of using material hoists is that operators do not require as much time or effort to lift materials, which increases productivity on the job site.
  2. Safety: construction hoists significantly reduce the risks associated with manually transporting materials up stairs. This helps prevent injuries to workers and reduces the likelihood of damage to materials.
  3. Load capacity: these hoists are designed to handle a wide range of materials, from bricks and cement to heavy tools and equipment. They can transport loads that would be difficult or impossible to carry manually to great heights.
  4. Cost savings: in the long run, using a material hoist allows for savings in labor and time. Furthermore, by speeding up the construction process, these machines can reduce costs associated with project duration.
  5. Ease of use: our hoists are designed to be intuitive and easy to operate. This means that workers can quickly learn how to use them, contributing to greater efficiency on the construction site.
  6. Site logistics improvement: having a reliable system for lifting materials improves organization on the site, thus reducing congestion and clutter, which in turn enhances safety and efficiency.

To sum up, material hoists for construction are an essential tool in the modern construction industry, but…

What material hoist do I need?

As mentioned, we offer 5 differetn models of construction hoist, according to the project’s requirements:

MC 250

This hoist is specifically designed to be installed on tubular scaffolding. It can lift loads of up to 250 kg y and can be equipped with 3 different types of baskets based on the materials to be lifted.

MC 450 y MC 650

Both devices are similar. The MC 450 is ideal for installation in tight spaces, while the MC 650 is designed for easily loading a Europallet with a forklift.

MC 1000

With a capacity of 1.000 kg, it is suitable for transporting drywall (MC 1000F version). This material hoist is raised by a triangular mast, compatible with other passengers and material hoist like the PT 1200 and the EPM 1000.

MC 2000

This material elevator allows for a 2.000 kg load capacity, and to double its load capacity, you can combine it with another passengers & goods hoist, forming a COMBO of 2 construction hoists operating on the same mast.

Do you want to lift passengers in addition to materials?


At Alba-Macrel Group, we have a wide range of passengers & material hoists and transport platforms.

✉️ If you have a building construction project, contact us, and we will advise you on the hoist that best suits your construction needs.