We manufacture, for more than 20 years, one of our best-seller equipment: the electric hanging scaffolding, as a light and safe solution that facilitates work at height through a modular system of interchangeable elements and accessories that gives it great versatility, so it is perfectly adapted to different work configurations, such as wide facades and great heights.


The base is made up of the aluminum platform, that provides the hanging scaffoldings with great lightness and resistance to corrosion. It is composed of sets of 2 m and 3 m that can be assembled together with a quick and easy fastening system to 16m. We also manufacture platform 1 m long as well as a corner platform for configurations that require angles of 90° to 165° that confer a great versatility.

The vertical offset of the scaffold along the façade is achieved through 2 electrical hoists (motors), the AE800 (max 800 kg) and the AE500 (max 500 kg), with a security system or seguricable for a second cable in the device that gets into operation in case of lack of tension in the main cable, and also in case of inclination of the platform. Additionally, winches are supplied with an overload system that limits the capacity of the hoist and prevents it from any offset in case that this limit is surpassed. And it is also possible to integrate an overspeed for markets requiring it (USA, UK, South Africa, etc.).

The control panel is supplied with an automatic electronic leveling set with inclination sensor that makes the platform keep a position both stable and horizontal. It is composed of electric and electronic parts of high quality and newest equipment available that ease the control of the platform in a simple way, and at the same time, fulfilling the greatest standards in the market as per the control in leveling of the platform both horizontal and transversal.

The platforms require of the setting points for hanging, and jibs are counterweighted safely with the number of counterweights that correspond to the configuration of the platform at work. These jibs manufactured by Alba are adjustable in cantilever and also between support and there are some models to choose depending on the surface to place them: mobile telescopic jib for places such as roofs, mobile jib for bridges and also a jib for walls provided with a system of clamps.


Thanks to its lightness and easy maintenance, the suspended scaffold is ideal for carrying out painting, cleaning or maintenance projects, façade rehabilitation, and even working in buildings that cannot be anchored or must be accessed from the top, such as interiors of buildings or patios.


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