ALBA is a reference supplier of Hidromobile, one of the main renters of hoisting equipment in Chile, customer of us since 2000.

Who is Hidromobile?

This company began its activity in 1996, importing from Canada the first equipment with a hydraulic lifting system for work at height.

As the market recognized the advantages of working with this type of machinery, they decided to increase their fleet by bringing new equipment based on the rack-and-pinion lifting system.

ALBA, a trusted brand for Hidromobile

Throughout its professional career, Hidromobile has been expanding its offer with ALBA hoists and currently it includes our Mast Climbers, Passenger and Material Hoists and Electric Hanging Scaffolding.

The hoisting equipment allows transporting both passengers and material up to 350 m high at a maximal speed of 80 m/min, generating great optimization of time and effort of the users. As for the suspended and work platforms are the best solution for work at height, such as the restoration of facades.

“ALBA’s main asset is operational continuity”

We have interviewed its CFO, Germán Eguiguren, and this is what he has told us:

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✉ If you are in Chile, contact HIDROMOBILE or our Sales Manager for CHILE, Enrique Pérez.