Our customer Sermaco Levante, one of the main hoisting equipment rental companies in Spain, has relied on ALBA, for more than 20 years, as a reference provider for its rental park of mast climbers and passengers & material hoists.

We have interviewed its CEO and Commercial Team and this is what they told us:

What is ALBA’s star product, the one you rent the most?
Undoubtedly, the PT 1800 transport platform is becoming a highly valued and demanded product by our customers, but the material hoist for drywall is the star product.

Which one do you like the most and why?
We love the PT 1800 for the level of technology it incorporates, the features it offers and its versatility.

What qualities/benefits of our equipment do your clients highlight?
As our customers tell us, ALBA’s construction hoists are very innovative and safe compared to other manufacturers.

What makes you want to work with ALBA?
ALBA has showed to be a reliable manufacturer; your equipment have a high level of performance. For us, service is very important and ALBA provides it.

What product trends do you see in the building?
In our opinion, the market will demand equipment that is increasingly safe, fast, easy to use and with high load and technical capacities.

“ALBA is like Coca-Cola”
For his part, Fernando Carbonell, Operations Technician at the Valencia headquarters, points out that to make a simile, saying ALBA means Coca-Cola when talking about soft drinks. And it is because I am proud as a Sermaco worker to present myself at a sitework and listen to managers and other workers themselves comment: “they can say whatever they want, but an ALBA is an ALBA and that’s all”. This is what best sums up the feeling Sermaco has about your brand.

In addition, he says that “there is machinery backed by advertising campaigns difficult to match, but lasting the time to solve a problem for the customer. The confidence that ALBA gives us for its prompt response, shortening service times for spare parts, it is what differentiates between a very advertised product and a quality product”.

“A beautiful behemoth”
Regarding our hoists, Fernando highlights the EDC 2000 passengers and material hoist: “aesthetically speaking, an EDC 2000 is a beautiful behemoth. On sitework, it shines and seduces the eyes of anyone. Maximum sophistication, maximum safety”.

And he also highlights the importance of having our material hoists in their park: the material hoists for drywall is that friend that never fails. Our customers recognize and demand quality, which is why they usually reserve the same material hoist from one construction site to another. Working with ALBA means having 50% of the loyalty of a client for the next work with the same needs.

Finally, there is a clear preference for our construction hoists over those of the competitors. “To be leaders in service, we have to surround ourselves with the best suppliers and ALBA undoubtedly is. It has earned the title based on work, effort and empathy. Occasionally, due to a lack of stock and wanting to give service to our customers, we have installed material hoists from other manufacturers and whoever has tested ALBA’s material hoists in other works has told us that they have nothing to do with it”, he says.

According to the technician, ALBA could be defined with the following values: reliability, safety, service and excellence.

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