PEC 130

PEC 130


PEC 90

PEC 120

PEC 130

PEC 150

Load capacity (twin mast)

2100 kg

4000 kg

4100 kg

5000 kg

Max. speed

8,5 m/min.

9 m/min.

9 m/min.

12 m/min.

Max. length (twin mast)

22,62 m

32,11 m

34,32 m

37,80 m

Max. height

120 m

120 m

250 m

250 m

  • Load capacity (twin mast): 4100 kg.
  • Maximum length: 34,32 m (twin mast).
  • Possibility of operating the platform at double height by the same mast.
  • Maximum height: 250 m (ask us for more heights).
  • Square mast compatible with PEC 150 mast climber, EDC 2000 and PT 1800 passengers and material hoists and MC 2000 material hoist.
  • Possibility of incorporating an overload detection device.
  • Anchorings every 12 m from the first.
  • See data sheet for USA & CANADA.

The PEC 130 has been designed with the combined features of other models in its range in order to optimize its benefits. Provides greater stability and strength thanks to the square mast and powerful motor, both components also integrated into the PEC 150.

This model is made up of a platform as longer and lighter as the PEC 120 and an intermediate chassis that allows: reaching standard construction lengths to cover complete facades, greater load capacity and reach height, as well as other functionalities.

  • Maximum length: 34,32 m (twin mast).
  • Maximum speed: 9 m/min.