PTB 3800

PTB 3800

  • Passengers and material hoist.
  • Great load capacity: 3800 kg.
  • Configurable with different cabin sizes up to 5,3 x 3,2 m.
  • Suitable for lifting prefabricated structures (kitchens, complete bathrooms, etc.).
  • See data sheet for USA & CANADA.

The PTB 3800 hoist is made up of a wide and versatile platform with 2 masts that work through a cardan system transmission. It is an optimal solution for vertical transport of great volumes of cargo for construction.

This model presents new features that respond to market needs, such as a larger space specially designed to lift prefabricated structures and great construction equipment, achieving a faster and cheaper construction process.

One of the main advantages of our PTB 3800 is the loading and unloading width of more than 3 m, a rather unusual feature in this range of transport platforms that makes it easier to lift large materials.

Furthermore, one of the PTB 3800’s square masts can be used by another hoist simultaneously. This mast model is also compatible with several of our machines (PEC 130, PEC 150, MC 2000 and EDC 2000), which becomes an advantage for our clients in terms of investment and stock.

  • Maximum speed: 20 m / min.
  • Maximum height: 250 m.
  • Movement synchronization control system in both columns and an overspeed parachute with auto-recovery system.
  • CPU control and automatic floor selector.
  • Overspeed parachute with auto-recovery system.
  • Galvanized steel finish.
  • Electronic, electrical components, steels and motors manufactured by leading European brands and designed and produced in compliance with European regulations.

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