At ALBA we have been manufacturing steel reinforcing bars equipment for more than 60 years, so our extensive experience and production capacity allow us to produce machines suited to the needs of the client and the market. After several decades working the construction iron with hand tools and electrical machinery, with the new century we made the leap to high-tech machinery, which is here to stay.

Our equipment is ideal for medium-sized rebar workshops, since they do not require a large investment, provide high profitability and allow optimization of time in the production of iron bars, generating from 100 to 500 tons per month of rebar. These are machinery 100% manufactured in our facilities, which have components made of the latest generation of alloyed steels with heat and surface anti-wear treatments that guarantee high quality and a long and useful life.

Our range of automatic stirrup benders are automated machines that straighten, bend to the desired stirrup shape and cut stirrups leaving them fully finished for assembly. The DESA model (16 and 18-2D) is controlled by a programmer with specific control software that starts from steel rolls as raw material and allows bi-directional bending of stirrups up to 180º and bars up to 16 mm in diameter or double diameter of 12 mm to starting from rod in roll. In addition, it has a device for making rings and spirals.

If you have already automated your stirrup equipment for stirrup production, the next step is the thick bar automation with a Measurement & Cutting Carriage, accompanied by a semi-automatic bending center.

The CMC (models 25, 32 and 40) are automated equipment controlled by a programmer, which, through just one hydraulic unit and with the help of an operator, they drag, measure, cut and classify steel bars. Said bars are subsequently distributed, by electromechanical movement, onto different transport tables or directly onto bending lines. They have a very high performance and a cutting capacity of 40 mm. They require minimal maintenance and have polyurethane-coated rollers to reduce the noise of falling bars.

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